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Written by Rob Lancaster

Housing Developments and Hardware

Commercial Property Developers of the Month 

All buildings require some sort of security – the most basic level of this usually takes the form of a door lock. Door locks are available at several different price points, from high security near-impenetrable premium locks to cheap, reliable locks that get the job done. As all projects need locks, we’ve decided to take a look at the best developments from the past year which have been nominated for the Inside Housing Development Award. We’ll also provide some suggestions on which locks might be suitable for similar projects you may be carrying out.  

Premium Builds 

In Harrow, London, commercial property developers Hawkins \ Brown have been nominated for their work on the Grange Farm project of affordable housing. This project has seen the character of the existing plot maintained, with the farming estate’s quirky architectural features and historical arboreal heritage preserved; the updates to the grounds have been comprehensive, however. With three different types created of buildings that have been designed for the project, including low rise buildings with steep roof pitches, matching the suburban style, courtyard blocks with pitched gables, and mansion plots, intentionally repetitive to match the urban style. 

The Most Secure Lock 

These three premium builds, all with different styles, would benefit from the highest security locks. At, we have a selection of the most secure and reliable locks you can find. Our Asec Kite elite 3 star snap resistant double euro cylinder is perfect for providing the best security on your project. Available in chrome, nickel, and satin brass finished, this lock would fit seamlessly into any decorative style, providing a quality finish and anti-bumping, anti-snapping, anti-picking, and anti-drilling technology. 

Modular Housing

In Liverpool, commercial property developers Keepmoat Homes have been nominated for the Inside Housing Development Award for the Best affordable housing development (less than £20m) category. Keepmoat Homes have successfully introduced the first modular housing development into Liverpool with this project, creating extremely affordable homes quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. The process of installing modular homes is one of the quickest ways available now for completing smaller scale projects. Homes are transported to the location fully built, assembled and installed, and then furnished. 

Affordable Locks 

Projects like modular housing developments are often installed to help meet affordable housing quotas, or to help in emergencies or times of unexpected increases in housing shortages. They are permanent, quick, and cheap solutions to a lot of problems, and don’t have to take up too much space. Projects like modular housing ones are installed quickly and efficiently. Our range of cylinder locks are quick to install, and won’t break the bank, just like modular housing. Browse our range of budget locks here. 

Our Range of Affordable Locks


Residential Projects 

Anchor Hanover, commercial property developers, have been nominated for their regeneration project at Walrond House in Hackney, helping to create accessible and safe accommodation for the elderly and vulnerable. Although not entirely made up of elderly residents, the project does provide a place for people likely to be downsizing to move into a more manageable space. To ensure that these residents can be looked after and checked up on, it is sometimes appropriate to have a masterkey system in place for a residential area. That way, only trusted individuals can access the rooms they need to, as well as property managers and the residents. Our selection of locks includes cylinder locks for master key suites, such as the EVVA gpi hz euro half cylinder master key. This is a great lock for projects where this type of access is suitable for the units in the project.  

EVVA GPI HZ Euro Half Cylinder – MK

Different types of developments are always going to require different materials, and locks are no different. Using the highest quality locks is often suitable for premium housing projects, whilst a solid budget cylinder lock can also do the trick elsewhere. Our selection of locks with offer options for any type of project, helping you to secure your builds in an appropriate manner. We wish all the nominated projects the best of luck in the upcoming Inside Housing Development Awards 2021!

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