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Councils & Local Authorities

At Ironmongery Warehouse Direct we work with local authority bodies to aid in the management of both internal and external offices, as well as housing management solutions to ensure the needs of residents are being met. Our entire product range is available for next day delivery and bulk orders for refurbishment and renovations are also available.

Housing Management

Dependent on the operations of the council there are a number of options for working with Ironmongery Warehouse Direct. One of these options is the provision of door locks and handles, as well as other fittings, for the management of housing.

Our range include external and internal security and is competitively priced.

Local Authority Buildings

Council buildings are a direct representation of a council and we understand the need to manage appearance and security, alongside value for money for local taxpayers.

Within local authority buildings we can supply external security, but also internal door handles and locks for meeting rooms.

Council Managed Landmarks

Council managed landmarks, including listed buildings, require specific locks and handles which do not impact on the visual aspect they offer local residents. We work with local authorities to ensure security and practicality is maintained through the use of external locking systems with specialist backplates, bespoke options and also for internal rooms including storerooms and meeting or boardrooms at each of the landmarks in question.

We are happy to be part of a tender process in order to fully demonstrate quality, affordability and service to potential local authority clients. To discuss this in more detail, please contact a member of our local authority account management team.



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