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Electric Door Releases

We stock over 26 variations of branded electric door releases, providing a range for your tradesman or personal needs. Electric door releases provide hands-free easy access into rooms, which is ideal for forklifts, carrying heavy objects or entering rooms and moving through corridors which are restricted access; there’s no need to touch the door.

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They are designed to protect your property from intruders and restrict entry by using magnetic switches, designed for both heavy-duty and low-usage systems. The electric release lock allows you to increase the output of your business as it’ll be functional and secure, with no risk from staff or intruders.

Electric release door systems come in different shapes, sizes and variants, but we can assure you that we have the one for you. We stock electronic door release systems in European styles, with Mortice systems, trimec pre-load releases, electric releases and even rebate kits.


Our electrical door releases are excellent quality and value for money, whilst offering premium security measures. They operate by using current to hold the door in place through the frame, not the door itself. This way they can be fitted on a variety of pre-existing doors, with ease.


The Trimec ES9000 Electric Pre-Load Release 10v-30v VC (Product Code: 16725) door lock is one of our many mortice release door systems. Designed to operarte with up to 25kg of pre-release pressure, it is brilliant for hardy, commercial use such as in garages, showrooms, hospitals, schools and hotels. It features 250mA @ 12V 130mA @ 24Vcurrent usage and is produced by the trusted brand Trimec.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty product at a brilliant price, then be sure to check out the TSS ANSI Mortice Electronic (Product Code: 14956) release lock which we sell for £64.91 down from the original retail price of £111.90. Suited to steel and timber it features a flat faceplate for single doors. With a holding force of 300kg, this makes for an excellent industrial choice at an incredible price.

We’re offering you over £34 off RRP on our Alpro L900 Ansi Electric Release (Product Code: 16719) with full sets of fixtures, screws and fittings. It’s supplied with both long and short faceplates and a 25mm extension lip, compatible with aluminium and timber frames. We know that at, we can find the product for you.


All of our items in the range include shipping within 1-3 days across the mainland UK, and the option for next day delivery if you order before 2pm (including Saturdays) or trade orders on large projects, so that high quality items can be high quantity too. You can relax knowing your items are being handled quickly and safely.

Popular Products

The Alpro EL900 ANSI Electric (Product Code: 16719) release is a bestseller due to its excellent value for money and its range of voltages. It’s supplied with both a 200mm faceplate and 124mm faceplate (long and short) as well as an extension lip. They can be converted on site. An ANSI style Mortice lock, it is field reversible and failsafe monitored. It has a current consumption of 300mA @ 12v DC, 150mA @ 24v DC and an industrial holding force weight of 1380kg. This is ideal for warehouses and places of work.

  • Type: Mortice
  • Dimensions: 124mm x 42mm x 31mm

The Dorcas Strike 12v Fail Secure (Product Code:12601) is a budget friendly, sturdy choice. It’s easy to install and will be sure to last and provide hardwearing mechanisms. It can be used with door entry kits and is a popular product due to its fail locked rim and mortice lock mechanisms, making it ideal for the job.

  • Type: Mortice
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Like the Dorcas, the JIS 12v Electric Rim Release (Product Code: 9860) is an excellent choice of equipment that doesn’t cost the world. A European style mechanism, it is a rim type release. It has a non adjustable jaw and a 12V AC / 12V DC current consumption along with an impressive holding force of 400kg. It’s suitable for low usage applications and latches with a 12mm maximum throw. This makes it one of our most trusted and sturdy products as you can’t go wrong with Dorcas.

  • Type: European
  • Dimensions: 106 x 25 x 31mm

The Adams Rite 7100 (Product Code: 12519) Electric Release is an electric door release designed for single action, single leaf aluminium doors and we’re selling it over £70 off the original RRP. At 12v it has a fail-safe and is perfect for deadlatch lock doors. The jaw strength can take 907kg and it comes in fail safe mode which can be reversed to fail secure on site. It’s easy to use and install, and can be customised depending on your preference due to the option to reverse. It’s a safe and sturdy option that won’t let you down.

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 124 x 32 mm faceplate

The Alpro AL150 Rim Electric Release is one of our bestsellers and is perfect for inward opening wooden, timber doors. It’s an excellent choice of electric door release as it operates at 12v/24v and suits most rim night latches on inward opening timber doors. The voltage can be selected when wiring and setting up the product and the field is reversible from fail safe to fail secure. The extra RM1 rectifier allows the release to be run on AC power. It’s a European style design with a non-adjustable jaw, and a strength ability to hold 750kg, making it a premium choice for your door release needs.

  • Type: European
  • Dimensions: 93.5 x 60 x 39mm


Adams Rite provides some of the UK’s leading security systems, with a vision to become market leaders in  the aluminium OEM hardware market. With a vision of premium products and innovation, Adams Rite is trusted by us as they provide quality, secure goods.

Alpro has provided door security systems to the likes of St Pancras International Station, with large clientele who trust in their secure systems. Their access control company is family owned, with a focus on quality mechanical components. They manufacture from companies of international repute and have a ‘Commitment to Excellence’.

Dorcas have specialised in electronic systems since 1971 and are constantly updating their products and mechanisms to strive to stay ahead of the game. Their products are trusted by the 70 countries they supply to, therefore we trust their expertise and global outreach.

JIS locks manufacture quality locking systems in Spain, providing us with the goods we need to give you excellent options, selected and imported from abroad.

TSS (Trade Security Supplies) provide our company with exquisite ironmongery such as locks, window and door parts and access control. A reputable name in the industry, we want you to benefit from their expertise.

Trimec specialise in electronic door locking in the access control industry. They are the top of their field, as their parent company ASSA ABLOY operate in over 150 countries offering a complete range on the market. They adhere to the British Standard BS5872 and the European Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard EN500181-1.

Measurement and Installation Guide

Some of our strike locks have the option to install it as either a fail-safe or fail secure lock depending on your preference. A fail-safe lock is unlocked when its power is cut, whilst a fail-secure lock is locked when the power is out and unlocked when it’s given power. The fail-safe mode is a good option for emergency doors. You will need to install the lock in a doorframe where the wiring can be connected to a power source. If you think you are unable to perform the task safely, always employ an electrician to install your door release.


We recommend allowing yourself one hour for installing your electric door release so that you have time to do it properly and choose your fail-safe or fail-secure setting.


  • Electric door release
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Electric drill and long drill bit
  • Wall socket transformer wire


  1. First, you’ll need to remove any existing door strike plate by unscrewing it with a screwdriver. Be sure not to strip the screws otherwise the next installation will be harder.
  2. If your new electric door release is bigger than the previous plate, you’ll need to use a rotating zip or drill to make the hole larger. To do this, trace the outline of the strike with a pencil onto the door frame.
  3. It doesn’t need to be tight but should fit well.
  4. You can then use your drill to create a hole for the wiring to run through, if you can’t wire it without going through wall. This way the wire can be fished through.
  5. Use a long power wire to connect the transformer (regular wall socket transformer).
  6. Split off the negative and positive leads by cutting the power wire and pulling them apart. This will give you 6 wires total.
  7. Two come from the control box, two from the power source and the other two are from the electronic door strike.
  8. Read the individual instruction manuals to find out how to connect your door release to the wiring as it can vary depending on the model.


How do I choose an electric door release?

Door strikes come in different options: fail safe or fail secure. A fail-safe lock is unlocked when its power is cut, whilst a fail-secure lock is locked when the power is out and unlocked when it’s given power. The fail-safe mode is a good option for emergency doors. They also come in 12volt or 24volt, AC or DC, so consider electrical connections when choosing your product.

How will my door release work?

There are a number of options for exit and entry to buildings, including wiring your electric door strike to a thumb turn, a lever handle, a push or push exit paddle or a button on the wall. This makes them ideal for both restricted access and easy access.

What’s the difference between electric strike locks and magnetic strike locks?

Magnetic locks are comprised of large electromagnet panels that function by passing current through the magnet until the connection is interrupted and therefore released. They are fail-safe only.

Electric strike locks are used alongside other locking devices and are electromechanical. Most electrical locks can be switched between fail-safe and fail-secure.

What else will I need for my door access?

You will want to consider an access control device which can work in combination with your electric door release so that you can control the release, or closing, of your door plate. There are various options here such as buttons on the wall, fobs, keypads or card readers.

When will my electric door release arrive?

We offer shipping across the mainland UK, which will arrive within 1-3 days, or there is a next day delivery (including Saturdays) courier option on all our items. We also provide trade orders for large projects.

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