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Cam Locks

What is a cam lock?

Cam locks are a category of fastener most frequently used when building cabinets. A cam lock holds a cabinet together securely while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing exterior and are even usually invisible once the piece is finished. They add a huge amount of security to your home or workplace and keep your storage appliances safe from burglary. They also grant you privacy in shared living situations, where you might need to keep personal belongings away from prying eyes.

Whether you use security to protect your passport, chequebook, medicine or flammables, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are safe and sound.

These cylindrical locks can be used in a variety of cabinet and furniture building and are commonly found in furniture kits. Almost anyone can quickly and easily construct furniture and cabinets thanks to cam locks.

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How do cam locks work?

Cam locks and locking systems are locking levers with a large range of uses. They can be used to secure office equipment, safety boxes, doors, lockers, and plenty of other things too.

They are usually inserted into the wooden frame and contain a metal tube with a hole in one side. This hole secures the tongue of the consequent bolt, usually around the joints for maximum security. Some types of cam locks can fasten the cabinet or furniture door completely for privacy, and as such require a key to unlock.

Why do you need a cam lock?

Cam locks are everywhere; they are one of the most universal locks on the market. They are designed for total security in cabinets, safes and more, and can easily go unnoticed due to their subtlety. When installed properly, cam locks are only externally visible by the round cylinder and keyway.
You may need to know that some cam locks only release the key when locked, whereas others can be removed whether locked or unlocked. You can also choose the options of keyed alike, key different or even master keyed cam locks.

With security needs constantly changing, there are new types designed from time to time, including our keypad locks that are operated by a mechanical keypad and code.

What type of cam lock do you need?

To identify what Cam lock you require you need the following.

A: What type of fixing, sprung fixing or horseshoe clip.
B: The diameter and length of the body measured from behind the front face to the back of the lock body.
C: What Cam and length of Cam either straight or offset.

The majority of Cam locks are made by a small number of manufacturers such as Lowe and Fletcher (L&F) and Dom for example.

With some models of Lowe and Fletcher camlocks very some of these are available master keyed from stock and we can also supply restricted section Cam locks either keyed alike or under mask as part of a larger master key system incorporating many standard types of locks such as europrofile or rim screw or screw in cylinders for example.

Drawer locks are also available in two and four lever versions in various sizes.

For desks we stock various standard replacement locks or combination options as straight replacements.

If you have lost the keys for a Cam lock, desk lock, garage door lock, pipe tube etc and it has numbers on the front face of the lock, please contact us as with a good image of the front face of the lock we can usually supply replacement keys to order over the phone including garage ZA locks and locker locks with numbers on.

We regularly check our prices against the market to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. If you order before 6pm Mon-Fri we can arrange fast, next day delivery. If you are ordering in bulk, call us for a custom discount at 0203 807 4659.

Types of cam locks we have

Locks4 can supply locks for any need; whether fitting new furniture or seeking a replacement for a faulty or broken lock. No matter which of our high-end locks you choose, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are getting the very best quality at a competitive price. The cam locks we supply are available in a range of styles and finishes so you do not have to compromise on style for security.

Latch locks include compression latches and quarter turn cam latches and are made up of a cylindrical body and a lever arm. When the body is turned, the body is removed from the contact point to allow access and can be adjusted by a manual key.

People who could need a cam lock might include;

  • those who care for small children
  • adult carers
  • business owners
  • homeowners
  • teachers
  • people residing in shared accommodation
  • subletters

A brief history of cam locks

The first example of locked furniture in the UK is the locked chest, dating back to the twelfth century, and was used for securing valuable ceremonial plates and fabrics for formal occasions. Back then, households regularly travelled across great distances and would need to bring these important items along with them. The main threat against people’s property back then were their own servants, housekeepers and visitors.

Another version of what we might see as a locked item of furniture is in church chests in mediaeval times which featured iron strengthening bars around the wooden frame. Many of these remain today as churches were not known for updating out of style décor. It was common for such furniture to contain multiple locks, which were often forced open and replaced due to the rich misplacing their keys (they usually owned many different keys).

At the time, locks were fairly simple in function but often quite elaborate in style. Where today we favour an elegant, minimal, almost invisible design, early English locks were eccentric, beautiful pieces of art and symbolised wealth and status.

Into the late thirteenth century, the most commonly used locked furniture were armoires, which were used very similarly to the aforementioned chest but sometimes contained food and featured fabrics as part of their design.

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