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Cylinder Locks

We supply a broad range of cylinder locks online for the trade and home customer. Also known as a pin tumbler, a cylinder lock’s mechanism functions with several internal pins that move within the inside of the cylinder as the key is turned thanks to the serrated edges. Cylinder locks are the perfect security solution for your UPVC, wooden, aluminium or composite doors, either internally or externally.

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The pin tumbler mechanism originated with a primitive lock designed by the ancient EgyptiansIt wasn’t until 1844 that the design was improved and Linus Yale invented his pin tumbler lock, which was originally supplied to banks and for safe locks. Due to the design of the modern cylinder lock, there are many more pin combinations available than alternative lever operated locks, making them considerably more secure.

Current cylinder locks come in all shapes and sizes. From a standard Yale type rim cylinder lock on your wooden front door to cam locks, padlocks and screw in cylinder locks. A popular choice is the euro profile cylinder lock, which is found in many UPVC and aluminium doors. 

We carry extensive stock of all sizes of cylinders, including those complying with BS3621 / BS EN TS 0007 3*.  This means we ensure that the lock you order will meet you insurance requirements. 

When reviewing the practical side of cylinders, the simple ability to remove the cylinder and replace it with a new one, with the reassurance that you don’t need to remove and replace the entire lock system.

Cylinder locks have become so popular because of their adaptability. In order to change a cylinder lock, you only need to remove a holding screw and position the key in the right place. You can then remove and change your cylinder lock with ease. For more assistance with this, check our cylinder locks guide.

Types of Cylinder Lock

There are several different types of cylinder locks available with various levels of security for each.

Euro Profile Cylinders: found on UPVC and aluminium doors available in many different sizes and levels of security.

Rim cylinders: Commonly found on wooden doors in older builds, and used on Yale type locks.

Screw in Cylinders: Found mainly on aluminium Commercial properties.

Oval profile cylinders: found on older aluminium doors.

Scandinavian oval: Usually a commercial high security cylinder.

Our cylinder locks are also available in a range of finishes, to suit any design style you are working with. These usually include:

N or NM = Nickel / Nickel Matt

PB or B = Brass or Polished Brass

CH = Chrome

Keying Options for Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are available in a variety of keying configurations, so that they will suit any door you need to secure.

Keyed to differ: This is the standard setup for most cylinder locks. This means that each lock will have a different keying configuration, and that lock can only be opened by its specific key shape. Multiple keys of the same shape can be provided.

Keyed alike: This means that two separate locks can share the same key shape, or in other terms, they are the same lock configuration. This is like ordering two identical locks. This is useful for when you want one key to access different parts of a building (or to open multiple locks).

Master keyed: This option is not available on all locks. Master keyed locks are subtly different to keyed alike locks. Two locks belonging to a master key system will have one key (the master key) that can open them both. However, there are also individual different keys for each lock as well. This is useful for when you need to restrict access to certain areas for some people, but need access to all areas yourself.

Cylinder locks are also available with further variations.

Thumb turn and key: These locks will be operated on one side by a key, but on the other by a thumbturn. This means that a door can be locked and unlocked from one side without a key. This is ideal for bedrooms.

Key and key: This is the more common type of lock, where a key will operate both sides. These are good for any external doors.

Double Cylinder: Euro cylinder locks that are capable of being operated from either side are double euro cylinders. They are longer than half cylinders.

Half Cylinder: A euro half cylinder lock will only be operated by the key on one side. These locks are also available with key and thumbturn configurations.

Popular Cylinder Locks

We stock a wide range of cylinder locks for your property, facilities, or home renovation. Check out our best selling cylinder locks below.

Some of the more popular products we sell are:

VERSA Dual Finish 6-Pin Euro Double Cylinder Lock

ASEC 6-Pin Euro Double Cylinder Lock

ASEC 5-Pin Euro Key & Turn Cylinder Lock

VERSA Dual Finish 6-Pin Key & Turn Euro Cylinder Anti Snap Lock

ASEC 5-Pin Euro Double Cylinder

EVVA A5 DZ Euro Double Cylinder

Cylinder Lock Brands

Cylinder lock manufacturers differ in their offering of products and one may be more suitable for your needs:

GEGE  Pextra guard Cylinders: Restricted section cylinders. High security with the advantage that all types of Cylinders are available from Banham style through to Ingersoll and even high security padlocks all meet BS3621.

TSS Cylinders: Medium security with a good range of sizes and styles of cylinders available including BS3621 cylinders.

ABS Cylinders: A manufacturer of cylinders for factory installation of UPVC doors with BS3621 cylinders.

ISEO Cylinders: Budget range of cylinders with a reasonable range of products

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