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Euro Cylinders

Our range of Euro profile cylinders are perfect for replacing or upgrading your lock in the UK. Euro cylinders are common across Europe, and are favoured for their ease of installation, security features, and pin differs. Offering far more lock combinations that traditional lever operated locks (and therefore more security), a Euro profile cylinder is perfect for your home, office, to let property, or development project. Euro cylinder locks will operate within both mortice lock and multipoint door lock systems, meaning they are perfect for securing any area of your property.

One of the many great bonuses of Euro profile locks, is that in order to change one you only need to make a couple of measurements. The lightbulb, or keyhole shaped profile of the lock is identical across all Euro cylinders. When changing a lock like this, you only need to measure the length of the chamber, and how far along the fastening screw sits on it. This makes changing a Euro cylinder lock incredibly easy. For more assistance with this, please check our guide to cylinder locks.

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Euro Cylinder Variations

Euro cylinders can be setup in a number of different ways to suit the needs of your building. Whether you need access from both sides of a door, or want easy locking from the interior, there’s a euro lock for you.

Double (or full) Euro Cylinders: These locks are operable from both sides of a door. This can be either by keys on both sides, or a key and thumbturn.

Single (or half) Euro Cylinders: These locks are only operable by key on one side. This means they can only be locked on one side of the door. They are, however, also available with key and thumbturn configurations.

Security Features of a Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro cylinders are often equipped with security features to decrease the chance of them being forced, broken, or otherwise manipulated. British Standards Institute (BSI) provides security and safety ratings on a number of locks, and operates a star system. A lock approved by BSI as being secure will receive a ‘heart’ kitemark. For further security in your property, 1 star and 3 star kitemarked locks are also available (with 3 star locks being the most secure).

Combining a 1 star kitemarked lock with a 1 star kitemarked door handle, and further 1 star kitemarked door escutcheon totals 3 star security. This would be the same as fitting a 3 star kitemarked lock.

BSI kitemarks are useful for meeting insurance requirements, and are often required for insurance policies.

Some additional security features often found in Euro cylinder locks are listed below.

Anti-snap: An anti-snap lock has a shear line added to the chamber. This means that anyone trying to force entry to your property by trying to break the lock out of the door will be repelled. The shear line will act as a sacrificial point for the lock, and this will break away and leave the rest of the lock intact, and much more difficult to access for criminals.

Anti-bump: These locks are resistant to being manipulated by fake keys, which are used for ‘bumping’. Bumping a lock uses a generic key, and inserts and turns it forcefully. This is sometimes enough to force a lock. Anti-bumping technology means the lock is sturdier and the pins move less.

Anti-drill: These locks are resistant to drilling attacks. This means they are fitted with reinforced plating, which is usually enough to prevent a drill from damaging the mechanism.

Anti-pick: Locks that are listed as anti-pick cylinders are configured so that they are more difficult to pick. The pins located in the chamber are harder to move. Manufacturers also usually use different shapes of pins and other components when making the lock to make them incredibly difficult to solve.

Fire resistance: Not all locks are fire-resistant, and if so this is usually stated separately to the other 4 security features. Some criminals try to melt locks out of doors, and so fire-resistance is a good method of additional protection. Usually measured in minutes of resistance, this is also useful for fire doors.

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