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Rim Cylinder Lock

A rim cylinder lock, or cylinder rim lock, is often found in a wooden door and is commonly found in part of a latch system. These locks are of quite an old design and are often found in older properties. It is easy to update a rim cylinder lock, however. Rim cylinders come in two parts, the housing and the actual cylinder locking system. The housing base is difficult to replace, but you can upgrade your actual lock by replacing the cylinder itself. The security of a cylinder rim lock can also be upgraded with the addition of an escutcheon.

Rim cylinder locks are the invention of Linus Yale Jr, the son of founder of the famous locks company Yale. Linus Yale Snr was the inventor of the cylinder lock, with his son improving upon his design and securing it with a patent. He went on to improve the design throughout the decades. The lock was based off Egyptian and Roman technologies, which were so effective they could still be used to base designs off. The rim lock, based off these designs, is still popular today and can be found in wide usage all across Europe, and the rest of the world.

Here at, we sell several different types of rim cylinder locks, fitting for any type of job.

For projects where premium parts aren’t absolutely necessary, we have a selection of cylinder rim locks that will do the job, but won’t break the bank. For around £5, the Asec vital 6 pin rim cylinder will keep your building secure, for an incredibly affordable price.

For facilities management companies, landlords, or offices, a master key system may be required. With our range of locks, we have you covered. Our EVVA GPI AZG rim cylinder master key rim lock is perfect for your needs. This will allow access where you want whilst still keeping you in control with the master key.

For premium building projects, or places where high security is a must, we have a selection of high quality, thoroughly tested locks for you. The Asec kite rim cylinder is approved as secure by design, an accreditation that is only available from the police. Boasting anti-bumping, anti-drilling, and anti-picking technologies, this lock will provide the most security and reliability you can buy.

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