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Front Doors

What are front door locks and why do we need them?

Front door locks are one of the most essential pieces of security in every home. They protect the home from intruders and burglary and ensure the safety of its occupants and all of their possessions. From classic front door lock sets to modern smart locks and keypad locks, we can supply the very best locks so that you can rest assured knowing your home is a safe and sound environment for you and your family.

Front door lock sets are especially designed to install on both UPVC and wooden doors, and can be used commercially for a business location, or personally for a domestic property. Whatever you use them for, our front door locks are ideal to defend your possessions and loved ones from unwanted intrusions.

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Different types of front door lock

This category of lock can be used both exterior and interior, and come in a huge variety of designs, styles, shapes, and sizes to compliment your home or property. We stock all of the most popular types of front door lock, as well as smart locks for technology advanced security. Below is each type of front door lock we stock and how they work, so you are better prepared to decide what sort of hardware you need.

The Sashlock

This type of lock is one of the most popular among property owners as it holds the door closed on the latch and does not have to be locked to close the door. Sashlocks contain a latch and a deadbolt, requiring a handle to open the door.

The Deadlock

This type of lock does not have a latch or a handle and is simply designed to lock and unlock a door with a key. This option is most popular as a secondary security piece, where a property owner may place a sashlock at the centre of a door then the required number of deadlocks positioned elsewhere- a very secure method of protecting the home. Deadlocks might be sufficient on their own, especially on doors that are not required to be left on a latch and might need to be locked constantly.

The Cylinder Lock

This is the type of lock contained within other locks, which can be purchased alone. Cylinder locks contain pins of different lengths which match to a set of keys that rotate the lock open. Standard cylinder locks are simple to install, and new sets of keys can be made without having to remove the entire lock.

The Code Lock

Code locks can be both electronic or mechanic, and require a digit pin to gain access. This type of lock comes in a range of styles, such as the keypad being separate from the handle or on the handle itself, and the handle being either a traditional lever or a smaller knob style. The code on code locks can be changed at any time by the property owner so that only trusted individuals can gain entry. This model is particularly popular as it reduces the risk of being locked out or forgetting your keys.

The Smart Lock

Smart locks limit the chance of losing keys and add a huge level of accessibility when using your doors. This type of lock can be securely managed from anywhere using your phone or computer. Some models also allow you to share and revoke keys as well as monitoring access activity to place the owner in full control. Access can also be gained with a fob in some cases.

It is important to check that any lock you purchase meets the British Standard as most insurance companies will require it. You should also consider how to install each lock and whether you can fit it yourself or will need a tradespersons expertise. Most of our locks call for a simple screw into the door where others might need some carpentry work.

Can you trust our front door locks?

We carry some of the most trusted brands on the market, such as Yale, Codelocks and PAC. All made from the strongest, most durable materials such as brass and stainless steel. No matter which of our high-end locks you choose, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are getting the very best quality at a competitive price.

We regularly check our prices against the market to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. If you order before 6pm Mon-Fri we can arrange fast, next day delivery. If you are ordering in bulk, call us for a custom discount at 0203 807 4659.

We understand every need for security and are passionate about supplying the very best quality to help you sleep at night knowing your home or business is safe and secure. We advise you spend that little bit extra to make sure the lock you purchase is the very best it can be for what you need, as the more confident you are, the safer your home will feel.

The history of front door locks

The earliest doors as we know them are traced back to ancient Egypt. Then, slabs of wood were fit together with hinges and placed across thresholds, very similar to the doors we know today. Even then, in the world’s first example of modern society, was the need to secure one’s home from theft and ill intent. It was this civilisation that also created the first front door lock in the form of a wooden pin lock. This consisted of a wooden bar attached to the door and a bolt which slotted into it, containing multiple wooden pins that could be lifted with a matching wooden key. This key is similar to a modern toothbrush in size, but aside from that, little has changed, and this original model has been replicated and finessed across the world over thousands of years. During ancient Rome, similar locks were developed using gold, silver, or copper, and due to this could only be afforded by the wealthier members of society and became a symbol of wealth and status. During the industrial revolution, metals became a commodity and were accessible to everyone. Locks are ingrained in our history and represent deep roots to our class and economy.

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