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Mortice Locks

Located and rebated inside the door for a flush finish, mortice locks offer a fantastic security level and are hard for intruders to force open. Coming in a range of multi-point options, mortice locks are also particularly difficult locks to pick. The mortice lock is ideal for those seeking a more secure lock for their home, keeping your belongings safe and secure.

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Options for Mortice Locks

As one of the most popular types of door locks come in different sizes, shapes and options for effective home security. Our range of mortice locks are perfect for any door – select from a variety of locks and find the best one suited for your home.

5 Lever Mortice Locks

Our range of 5 lever locks are the perfect security option for entry points and front doors as they have the greatest level of security. Browse our range of 5 lever mortice locks and find the perfect lock for you, within our locks options we also supply a range of insurance rated mortice locks for stronger security and peace of mind. Popular 5 level mortice locks include the Union 2134E Mortice Deadlock (BS3621:2007), a fantastic lock built to British Standards, the Legge 5 Lever Deadlock (BS3621:2007), again a highly robust mortice deadlock built to British Standards, the Banham m2002 Deadlock, the Union 2234E Sashlock, Union, 3K74E Sashlock, and the Legge 5 Lever Sashlock.

How to know if you need a 5 lever mortice lock

Five lever mortice locks are most commonly used for external doors due to the level of security offered. Identifying a 5 lever lock is simple when following these points.

The most common traits for 5 lever mortice locks are:

  • Most common types of locks for wooden Doors – generally this will be a heavy, wooden or timber front door, but could be a back door, shed door or internal door. The latter is most common in shared accommodation.
  • Open with a key – the security of a 5 lever mortice lock is that it is operated with a key from both sides
  • Lock fitted in to door material – 5 lever mortice locks are fitted on the leading edge of the door for security, and will not be on the surface of the door
  • 5 lever – locks of this kind will generally have this level stamped on the plate of the lock, found on the inside of the door

How Secure is a 5 Lever Mortice Lock?

Mortice locks with 5 levers are generally seen as one of the strongest and secure types of locks for external doors.

To increase security further, a nightlatch can be fitted to increase security further and lock the home with a second layer of ironmongery.


BS3621 5 Lever Mortice Locks

BS3621 5 lever locks have additional security within them, most notably these ALL have metal, anti-drill plates as standard. These are more secure and to obtain the British Standard kitemark have all been tested against common breaking and entry methods.

To confirm whether your current lock is a British Standard, look out for the following:

  • Kitemark – The locks holds a BS kitemark on the plate
  • Standard number engraved – the lock has BS3621:2017 engraved on its faceplate
  • Lever numbers engraved – the faceplate shows the number of levers the lock has

3 Lever Mortice Locks

3 lever locks are more commonly found within the home and used on bathrooms or bedrooms to provide security, trust and peace of mind in the home. Our variety of 3 lever mortice locks are far more commonly found within the home, used for bathrooms and bedrooms providing that extra layer of security. Locks4 ensure we provide you with a lasting sense of trust, security and a peace of mind in the home.

How Secure is a 3 Lever Mortice Lock?

3 lever mortice locks are not for use on external doors and are most common inside the home, these can include sash locks for garden sheds and for doors leading to a garage from an internal part of a property.

Whilst a 3 lever lock is not fit (and likely won’t pass insurance checks) for entrance into the home, they are perfect for use and peace of mind throughout a property.

Mortice Lock Brands

Our most popular mortice lock brands include Chubb which now falls under Union (932 products), TSS (936 products), ERA (604 products), and Yale (438 products).

Measuring a Mortice Lock

Measuring a mortice lock is straightforward – if you are placing a new mortice lock into an existing fitting it is important to ensure the measurements you need are clear. This will make installation faster and easier for either yourself or a local locksmith.

A mortice lock is split into two parts – the case and the forend.

The case holds the keyhole and is the part of the lock placed inside the door, the forend is the part of the lock that sits on the outside of the door.

Measuring a mortice lock backset

The backset of a lock is the measurement between the forend and along to where the centre of the keyhole

Measuring the Case Width

The case width is measured between the inside end of the case and the forend – taking into account the full width of the mortice lock.

Measuring the Case Height

The case height is measured between the top left and bottom left of the case height. Note – this does not include the height of the forend.

Measuring the Forend Length

The forend height can be measured from the top to the bottom of the forend.

Measuring the Forend Width

The forend width is measured using the top of the forend face on.

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