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Spring & Spiral Balances

We provide over 26 different types of spring and spiral sash balances for sash windows. They are designed to be used on wooden timber windows, sash windows and vertical windows. It’s a strong, spring loaded device which is utilised to counter balance windows so they are safe and functional. They’re ideal to balance out the weight on windows where there is insufficient space for sash boxes and weights. Created with this in mind, our sash and spiral balances are slimline, discreet and neutral so they blend with the appearance of the windows. We stock accessories with our balances so that you can correctly and safely install them, such as feet and tensioning tools. They can be bought for homes, businesses, workplaces, offices, hospitals, schools and hotels alike, offering a universal ease of use. We are a top seller of spring and spiral balances.


At, we offer a premium range of products all from Balance UK. Balance UK are experts in the spring and spiral window balance industry, offering high quality, long-lasting products. We trust their knowledge in the field, as the designs of the spring and spiral balances are popular with tradesmen. They’re tried and tested as well as being excellent value on our website, so you know you’re getting a premium product for a good price.


We offer the Balance F1 30 Spring Balance Pair (Product Code: 16191)with over £20 off the original RRP. This is a classic standard design and can balance 20.8kg up to 22.6kg. It has a diameter of 17.5mm and an orange plug. It comes supplied with standard feet for adhesion, so it’s an excellent choice for your windows. We also provide installation tools such as the Balance Tensioning Tool (Product Code: 13259) which is ideal for when you install and tension sash balances, and even repairs. It comes supplied polybagged. To work in conjunction with the spring and spiral balance for your window, you can buy the Balance UK D Standard foot (Product Code: 12236) which can be used with D2, D4 and D6 balances. This way you have all the correct components for a safe and smooth working window. As well as the Balance UK Spring Balance, we also have the Spiral Balance (Product Code: 12234) in a variety of sizes and variations so that it will be sure to fit. The pair are light, economic and for general purpose, meaning they are excellent way of securing windows. They fit domestic and commercial environments with a maximum weight of 6.8kgs.


All of our items in the range include shipping within 1-3 days across the mainland UK, and the option for next day delivery if you order before 2pm (including Saturdays) or trade orders on large projects, so that high quality items can be high quantity too. You can relax knowing your items are being handled quickly and safely.

Popular Products

The Balance Tensioning Tool is a must-have accessory for fitting balances. Cost effective and easy to use, it’ll help you tighten and adjust your spring balances so that they’re perfectly suited to your project. It’s great for sash balances and works for installation and reparation with high customer satisfaction. Be sure to get hold of one for all your window needs.

One of the most popular products in this range is the Balance UK D Standard Foot (Product Code: 12236). It’s an outstanding choice for fitting your spring balances to your windows and holds many types into place. It can be used for the D2, D4 and D6 balances. It’s a brilliant piece of standard equipment for your sash window fitting that it strong and sure to last.

  • Type: D standard foot
  • Goes with: Spring balance

Unlike the previous standard foot, the Balance UK D Horn Foot (Product Code: 12235) is ideal for spiral balances. It’s easy to fit, grips, and will last. You don’t need to worry about quality as we can assure you this is a popular and well-loved product.

  • Type: D Horn foot
  • Goes with: Spiral balance

The Balance UK D4 Spiral Balances (Product Code: 12237) are in high demand for windows and fixtures. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes from 20” to 40” or 965mm to 1016mm. We provide you with options, so your windows are sure to be safe and secure. These are light duty application balances as they can take weight up to 13.6kg making them ideal for domestic application. See our size chart for ideas on how to measure, and which selection is right for your window.

  • Type: Spiral balance
  • Goes with: Horn foot

The Balance UK F0 Spring Balances with Grey Plug (Product Code: 11876) are a different type of balance to the UK D4 Spiral, as they are attached with a standard foot. They come fully pre-tensioned and a colour coded weight range option. The maximum weight they can take is 7.2kgs and they have a diameter of 17.5mm which makes them ideal for sleek, easy window usage. They come supplied in pairs when you order from us.

  • Type: Spring balance
  • Goes with: Standard foot or tilt foot

The Balance UK F0 Spring Balances Claret Plug (Product Code: 11877) comes in both standard and tilt foot options. It’s fully pre-tensioned and can take 10.4kgs. Once again, they come in pairs and provide an easy solution to weights. We’re offering you this balance for over £16 off the RRP.

  • Type: Spring balance
  • Goes with: Standard foot or tilt foot


We stock all of our spring and spiral window balances from Balance UK. They draw on 35 years of experience in the industry, in which time they have been able to develop and excel in their expertise on speciality components for spring and spiral balance windows. They are the market leaders in components for aluminium and timber and UPVC sash windows, as they supply all our goods. Their UK made products support the British economy and are made of high standard materials which reduces the needs for cords and pulleys to weight windows. We only buy from brands we trust, so that you can feel secure in your purchase.

Measurement and Installation Guide

Often spring and spiral balances need replacing or can be used instead of weights on sash windows. Here’s how to install one yourself. Remember that if you are unable to safely secure a window balance then you should always hire someone to fix it for you.


We advise that you give yourself around an hour to install spring or spiral balances, since they must be done safely and properly.


  • Spiral or spring balance
  • Foot attachment
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Scraper blade


  1. When removing a pre-existing sash, you must ensure that the inner or outer beading is removed from the window so that the inner sash an swing out of the frame. It’s removed by putting scrapers between bead and frame and hammering them in. Don’t use tools that will damage the window.
  2. Once you’re ready to install, then the spring balances can be unscrewed at the top. Make sure that tension on them is at zero by tugging the bottom end down and unwinding the tension in a controlled manner. If you unscrew the top without doing this step then it can cause injury as the screw flicks out.
  3. Put a screw through the top spring balance hole then put it back into the sash grooves. Get the sash back into the frame whilst holding the spring balance in place.
  4. Let the sash sit low whilst you refit the beading you removed earlier. Press the scraper blade on the bead to set the required gap then use a hammer to fix a pin into the bead.
  5. Slide the sash almost to the top as this will set the potion of the spring balance.
  6. Use your tensioner tool to turn it before slotting it into the bottom of the sash and adjust the tension until it runs correctly.
  7. Count the turns on both sides so they are tensioned equally, or the window will get jammed.
  8. Replace the sash and the beads.
  9. Sometimes you will need to repaint the window after installing.
  10. Congratulations, you’ve now installed your new spring or spiral balance.


What does a spring or spiral balance do?

A spring or spiral window balance is used to act as a force on sash windows so that they are easy to open and safe. They sometimes need replacing or can be an excellent option instead of weights or a pully. There will always need to be force involved in opening and closing sash windows due to friction, but with spiral and spring balances you will have ease-of-access.

How do I know which balance to buy?

Choose you spring balance by finding out the weight of the window that you’ll need to counter. This will then help you establish which product to buy. Weigh the sashes and the groove diameter to find a balance that matches your needs.

Will I need any other equipment to fit my spring or spiral balance?

If you are fitting a spring balance then you’ll need to purchase a Balance Tensioning Tool. This will set the tension of the upward force that acts on a window. It’s achieved by twisting the lower end of the spring until the sashes have the same amount of force to push them up, as down.

How do I know which foot to buy?

Horn foots are perfect for spiral balances whilst a standard foot will fit spring balances. This way you know how to find the correct fitting for your balance and sash window.

When will my balance arrive?

We offer shipping across the mainland UK, which will arrive within 1-3 days, or there is a next day delivery (including Saturdays) courier option on all our items. We also provide trade orders for large projects.

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