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Patio Doors

What are patio door locks, and why do you need them?

Patio door locks are vital in ensuring security in your home. They are instrumental in protecting the home from forced entry which could lead to burglary. A patio door lock is generally reasonably priced and makes a low cost but high security asset to every household or property and will help you sleep better at night.

The lock itself can be installed easily to any set of patio doors, including sliding patio doors, French doors and bifold doors, so look no further for the perfect solution to properly securing your property!

Patio doors can be beautiful points of transition. They act as both an entryway to the home and as an exit, separating two points of a home or property by an attractive transparent barrier of glass. They are a popular feature in modern architecture as they open up a space, provide lots of natural light and often provide a view of the garden or patio from inside. All of this is appealing until this point of entry is breached or broken, and as they are a different type of entry point, they require a different type of lock. There are many types of patio door locks for consumers to choose from. Different kinds of patio door locks work differently and range in simplicity.

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Clasp locks

Due to their price and ease of instalment, clasp locks are most common for sliding glass doors. They have a clasp that closes around the inner mechanisms of the door and are operated by a lever by the handle. This choice is appealing as it is easy to open and close and is pretty inexpensive.

Foot bolts

Foot bolts protect the door from the bottom up, fastening into place at the foot of a patio door. Foot bolts usually feature a square-shaped base and are fitted onto the lower corner of the patio door. They are activated by a spring that contracts the bolt and allows the door to slide open easily. These locks will not work for absent-minded property owners, however, as they are easy to forget to lock.

Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks are most commonly fastened at the end of the patio door (though are sometimes attached near the centre) and are considered to be the safest option. It is operated by a key which rotates cylinders attached to springs which then rotate the cam. When the cylinders are turned in a particular direction, the cam puts pressure on the bolt which forces it open. These are also usually the most expensive.

Are patio door locks difficult to install?

Countless people believe that fitting patio door locks is difficult, but it is actually quite simple as long as you carefully follow the instructions.
There are many ways to secure a patio door handle lock available in a diverse range of colours, styles and needs to suit every requirement for your property across a variety of trusted brands. Locks4 can supply locks for any need; whether fitting a new door or seeking a replacement for a faulty or broken lock.

No matter which of our high-end locks you choose, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are getting the very best quality at a competitive price.

Patio doors can sometimes be the weakest area of the home security wise, but with the sophistication of modern engineering, using the correct mechanism can minimise any risk of intrusion and strengthen the external security of properties.

Can you trust our patio door locks?

We only use the most trusted brands for our patio door locks, including Lockmaster, Default and Cego. All of our locks are made from brass and stainless steel. We regularly check our prices against the market to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. If you order before 6pm Mon-Fri we can arrange fast, next day delivery. If you are ordering in bulk, call us for a custom discount at 0203 807 4659.

What will I need when fitting my patio door lock?

When fitting a patio door lock, it is recommended that you use measuring tape to ensure you install the lock at the recommended distance from the frame. Furthermore, double check you are using the correct drill bit with your power drill as a correctly fitted lock will perform the best. We also advise you use a pencil to mark the position of the lock on the frame. As with all DIY, always take the necessary precautions. In this case, consider using safety goggles to protect your eyes from any dust that the procedure may create and to ensure you have optimal view of the task. If you use all of the correct kit, you should have no trouble installing your patio door lock. If you do encounter any problems or need any further guidance, you can always contact us using the live chat function of our website.

The history of patio door locks

The patio doors we recognise today are likely inspired by Japanese Shoji doors, which hang by a wooden frame, are translucent, and cannot be locked without drilling into the architecture. The sliding glass model we are familiar with came about in pre-war Europe and Northern America, and significantly adapted until the start of the second world war. They commonly consist of large glass windows and provide access from indoors to the fresh air and sunlight of outside.

We have been securing our homes and possessions for over 6,000 years and little has changed. Just like the ancient Egyptians who created the first known lock, society has a need to keep personal valuable possessions safe in as convenient a way as possible. Typical modern locks came into their own during the industrial revolution which is responsible for the finesse of precision engineering and component standardization; now, the lock and keys we see today could be manufactured efficiently and precisely, despite being very complex for their time.

To ensure optimal longevity of your patio door lock, we recommend you check its functionality regularly, keep the mechanism clean and apply a small amount of lubricating oil from time to time. This will help you avoid replacing or damaging your lock and save you some money in the long run.

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