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Are you tired of worrying about money and valuables? We stock over 176 types of safes, so you can find peace of mind.

We know that your needs can vary, so we have something for everyone here at Whether you’re looking for somewhere to store your money at home or ensure that profits are kept safe at your workplace or business, then we can assure you there is a safe for you. We offer safes for accountants, businesspeople, hotels, law firms and banks. Our stock includes key lock safes, magnetic locks safes, digital lock safes and number combination safes. You can select fireproof and waterproof safes so that your possessions don’t get damaged in an accident or by vandals, and we use materials such as steel because it won’t buckle or warp and can be recycled. The safes come in colours such as black silver and grey. We have the know-how, so that you can shop with ease.


Our products often come with insurance protection or recommendations, advising you on what to store in your safe and the requirements of cover which the product can offer (check individual product descriptions for details). The safes are of premium design and maximum security, since they are sleek and surreptitious so they’ll blend right in with the rest of your space. We also offer locksmith services for extra keys, or if you lose your main set—we have you covered.


High quality options include our international Fire Safe (Product code: T05802) which offers a five-bolt locking system and digital keypad access. It includes an LED backlight and a rack for 5 keys, organisers and privacy drawers. If you’re looking for a smaller item to suit your personal needs, we recommend the Burg-Wätcher CityLine safe, which comes with a two-year guarantee. This smaller safe is ideal for home possessions such as money and valuables as it’s rated for £2000 of cash. The KeySecure Deed Box is an excellent option for on-the-go security as safety as it offers the means to transport money and goods with the handle and functional size. It’s a brilliant choice for accountants, solicitors and bankers. If you’re after something which is budget friendly, then we suggest you try the Phoenix Compact Safe which boasts a user-friendly design and a compact shape and size. The 4mm steel plate door offers premium security for £10,000 worth of valuables.


All of our items in the range include free shipping within 1-3 days across the mainland UK, and the option for next day delivery if you order before 2pm (including Saturdays) or trade orders on large projects, so that high quality items can be high quantity too. You can relax knowing your items are being handled quickly and safely.

Popular Products

One of our most popular products is the Yale Laptop Safe (Product Code: 9083). It is recommended to cover £1,000 cash or £10,000 valuables with its 22mm locking bolts and 6 lever double bitted (reinforced) manual override system. It has an internal size of 190 x 475 x 330mm for storage. This is a high-quality bestseller due to the laser cut door with reinforced hinges and digital keypad; all of which make this a maximum-security level of storage for your irreplicable laptop and the files you store on it.

  • Size: 200 x 480 x 300mm
  • Key features: Digital, resettable keypad

The Rottner Saturn (Product Code: 9063) is an ideal choice, offering key-security and a slick finish, it’s become a customer favourite. It’s a one-walled furniture safe made of high-quality steel with fire creases and robust hinges. The double-bolt safety lock and lacquer finish demonstrate the unbeatable quality of this piece. Standard drill holes in the back of the safe mean that it can anchored to further avoid theft, so your valuables are safe behind 3mm steel walls and 4mm doors.

  • Size: 315 x 450 x 360mm
  • Key features: comes with 2 keys

The Burg-Wätcher PointSafe safe (Product Code: 4003482248508) is ideal for storing your important documents, jewellery, cash and private items. It came 4th in Expert Review’s list of the best home-safes 2020, and has a two-year guarantee. This means you can rely on the product to provide a sturdy and durable service over time. Rated for £1,000 cash and £10,000 valuables, you’re able to store plenty inside the secure mechanise of the PointSafe. We trust in Burg-Wätcher’s products as they are tested to the European Burglar Resistance standard.

  • Size: 255 x 350 x 300mm
  • Key features: 2-year guarantee

Don’t miss the Yale YSB250 lock safe (Product Code: 9081) which is a recurring bestseller on our site due to its reliable and trusted structure. It comes with a digital lock code which you can customise anywhere between 3-8 digits. With 22mm electrically motorised bolts on the lock and a 6 lever reinforced manual key system, this safe is not one to be missed. The laser cut door and on/off function on the display code provide a user-friendly experience alongside the low battery warning. It’s easy to use and functional: perfect for home privacy and workplace safety.

  • Size: 250 x 350 x 300mm
  • Key features: Resettable 3-8 digit user code

The Rottner Cashmatic Basic Drop Slot Safe (Product Code: T06204) is an ideal feature for outside your home, where it can be mounted to a wall for maximum security drop-offs of money or banking items, or valuable goods. It combines the functionality of a post box alongside the heightened security of a safe, so only you have access to your items. The Cashmatic comes with two locks and is certified to Level A according to the VDMA 24992. It’s a single walled body with 1mm thickness. 4 holes in the back and 2 in the bottom mean it can be mounted to the ground or a wall, suiting your preference. This is not one to miss for valuable deliveries and anti-theft.

  • Size: 250 x 350 x 300mm
  • Key features: Resettable 3-8 digit user code


We only supply you with brands we trust, so when you shop with us you know you’re guaranteed a quality product.

Yale was founded by the mechanical inventor Linus Yale and has grown into a world-renown quality brand, with a focus on innovation. Their products are sleek, ergonomic and designed with you, the customer, in mind.

Rottner provide a vast range of our products, because we admire their customer-satisfaction and ethos. They cover everything from smaller, domestic items to heavy-duty storage for industrial purposes. They are a family-owned business with international influence and a customer-based approach. We know they understand quality and ingenuity.

Phoenix have a safety focused approach, and you can be sure to feel protected by their lock mechanisms. You’re in the hands of experts.

Key Secure Ltd provide superb products which we love, so we know you will. We offer a vast range of their stock, all supplied in Britain, supporting national industry and ensuring you know you have chosen an excellent brand. KeySecure are industry-leaders with a specialist knowledge in safety and security.

DiSec responded to the world’s concern with safety by creating superb security systems all produced in Italy. All their products are certified by the European Central Body and the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Burg Wätcher is an international market leader in home and business security. They stock post boxes and safes, so have expertise in the area and understand your expectations for security and privacy. They are members of the European Security Systems Association and their products are tested to the European Burglar Resistance standard.

Measurement and Installation Guide

Many of our safes include the option of being mounted to a wall or floor, therefore it’s important you understand how to safely and securely install your safe. When choosing your safe, ensure you select one with bottom holes for floor mounting, and back holes for wall fixing. This will mean you can hammer or screw fixtures through the safe and no one can take it.


We recommend you give yourself roughly half an hour to one hour to find the pieces and anchor your safe to the ground or a wall to protect from theft.


  • Hammer
  • Corded drill
  • Small masonry drill bit & large masonry drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Tape
  • Tape measure


  1. Find a surface to mount your safe to (a solid wall or floor is ideal, be careful to select somewhere without underfloor heating or cables running through. Do not fix it to carpets)
  2. Mark out the drill holes in your safe on the floor or wall by placing it on/against the surface and pressing the pencil through the holes to draw a marker.
  3. Start drilling the hole on your pencil marks with a small masonry drill bit, then once you’ve made a start, switch for the larger piece. Be sure not to drill too deep, as you can always drill deeper or further if needed.
  4. When the holes are complete, use a screwdriver or hammer to insert screws or nails through the safe and into the holes to secure it.
  5. The safe is now ready to secure your valuables.


How do I choose the correct safe?

Safes come with insurance ratings, guarantees and cash ratings. Using these you can determine how much is recommended to be stored in your safe and whether your insurance will cover it. Think about the total value of everything you want to go in the safe, and then find one to suit the value. You should also consider what type of lock works for you, whether digital codes, a key and lock, or security digits.

What happens if the batteries on an electronic safe run out?

Many of our safes have ‘low battery’ warning lights to show when they’re nearing their batteries needing changing. If they do run out, the combination will be saved, but you’ll need to read the instructions that will advise you on how to insert new batteries.

Can safes be secured into place?

Most safes can be bolted to the floor or a wall through holes in the back or bottom. Always read the product description to see individual specifications. Fire safes usually cannot be secured to the floor, otherwise this would violate their ability to deter fire hazards.

How do I set up the lock combination on my safe?

Instructions on how to set up individual personalised codes will come with your safe. Often, they arrive with a pre-set code which you can change to suit you.

What if I lose or forget the combination to my safe?

The manufacturer provides instruction that will come with your safe with a number to call. Using the serial code of your safe they can sometimes help you try and reset the code after you’ve proved your identity. Always keep your code memorised or written down in a space place.

When will my safe arrive?

We offer shipping across the mainland UK, which will arrive within 1-3 days, or there is a next day delivery (including Saturdays) courier option on all our items. We also provide trade orders for large projects.

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