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Written by Rob Lancaster

Key Cabinets – A Buyer’s Guide

Key cabinets come in many different varieties with different features, accreditations, and installation options. The team here at are continuing our series of buyer’s guides with a deep dive into everything you need to know about key cabinets. To help you pick the right one for your security needs, we’ll be looking at who uses key cabinets, what to consider when buying one, and important approval from police and insurance companies. 

A key cabinet is a great way to secure all your keys in one place, giving you a safe key management solution. They usually take the form of a box, either mounted on a wall or free standing, secured with a type of locking mechanism. They can hold anywhere from 5 to 2000 keys, so there are models suitable for private or commercial use. They’re often fire-resistant, drill-resistant, and difficult to move or remove. Some key cabinets are purchased for key organisation, as they offer a great way to hold and manage keys in one place, whilst some key cabinets are purchased to keep valuable keys as safe as possible.  

Who typically uses key cabinets? 

Many people use key lock boxes in their own homes. A secure key safe is much likelier to keep your home protected than just using a flowerpot or mat to hide the spare key. Private key cabinets often house front door keys, back door keys, garage keys or even car keys, all in one safe and secure spot.

 key safe 

There are also plenty of industries that use key cabinets to look after and organise their keys.  

Estates and lettings agents often have large key cabinets to house property keys for landlords. A good key management system for an estate agent means that the likelihood of keys being lost is reduced and helps speed up their operations when keys are needed.  

The automotive industry is also another place you’re likely to find key cabinets. Showrooms and garages usually use a safe key cabinet to store car keys, either for vehicles they’re selling or for your keys while you leave the car with them at the garage.  

Schools often have a key cabinet to look after their usually very large collection of keys. Important documents are stored behind a lot of the locked doors at schools, so making sure that the keys are secure is very important. 

Hospitals also tend to have very large and very secure key cabinets. Similarly to schools, they have lots of important sensitive information stored at their sites which need to be securely housed. Key organisation is often vital for hospitals as well so having keys easily accessible through the key management system is beneficial.  

Offices are also often equipped with a key cabinet for the storage of the many keys needed to secure an office environment. Larger key cabinets holding hundreds or even thousands of keys are sometimes needed for larger buildings. A key cabinet also offers a great way to organise such a large number of keys. 

Landlords are frequently changing and storing keys. Therefore, they need a safe and efficient storage solution. With key cabinets that come in sizes suitable for all property portfolio sizes, key cabinets are often useful for those with properties rented out to keep track of their keys in a secure way. 

How to install a key cabinet 

There are different types of key cabinets available, but if you choose a wall mounted one you can usually install it yourself with some simple DIY skills and the help of a drill. A free standing or portable key cabinet will not require installation, but you may need help moving it to where you’d like it set up. Here are our instructions on how to mount a key cabinet to your wall.  

key safe for office

What to consider when buying your key cabinet 

There are many factors that make each key cabinet different. There are different locking mechanisms, different ways to position the key cabinets, and different capacities for storage. Here are some of the options available to you: 

Locking mechanisms: Key cabinets are available with key operated cam or cylinder locks, mechanical digital locks, combination locks, or electronic keypad locks.

  electronic key safecombination key safe

Storage: Mounted key lock boxes and cabinets can store from 1 to 600 keys, or there are free-standing larger versions available capable of housing up to 2000 keys. Many cabinets also come with adjustable shelves to suit the length of your keys and maximise key organisation.  

Sizes of key cabinet we stock

10 key cabinet

20 key cabinet 

30 key cabinet

50 key cabinet

100 key cabinet

200 key cabinet

300 key cabinet

400 key cabinet 

500 key cabinet

600 key cabinet

1200 key cabinet

1500 key cabinet

Extra large key cabinet (3000)

Positioning: Smaller units are often wall mounted, which is a simple DIY process to carry out. There are also free-standing cabinets, and portable key cabinets as well. 

Security Features: Many secure key cabinets come with built in security features such as double walling, reinforced materials, fire-resistance, anti-theft measures in the locking mechanisms and internally contained hinges. 

Accreditations: There are several accreditations that a key cabinet can achieve to mark it as a high security product. Police approved key cabinets will receive the Secure By Design certificate, which include key safes manufactured by Burton Safes, Keytracker and Yale. Insurance approval is usually granted by AIS (Association of Insurance Surveyors) or independently. Most key safes will be granted an insurance approval.  

It’s important to note that many insurers will consider an insurance policy void if the key cabinet is not installed correctly. If you have any doubts over this, please consult a professional.  

What brands of key cabinets do we sell? 

How do I choose a key cabinet?  

After reading this guide you should hopefully have a good idea of what you need to look for in a key cabinet. Ask yourself questions like: 

What to know about delivery and returns of a key cabinet 

All of our items in the range include free shipping within 1-3 days across the mainland UK, and the option for next day delivery if you order before 2pm (including Saturdays) or trade orders on large projects. 

Returns will be accepted upon discretion of the company. If any item has been installed incorrectly then the refund policy may be void. We will endeavour to accommodate any requests you may have or solve any problems you encounter. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team here at 

That concludes our buyer’s guide to key cabinets. We hope you now have the information to confidently choose and buy the perfect key cabinet for you. We stock a wide range of key cabinets, so if you’re looking to shore up your own home or looking to sort that key management system for work, then here at we’ve got you covered when it comes to securing your property. 

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