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History of The Brand

EVVA manufactures and designs mechanical and electronic access control systems. It was founded in Vienna in 1919 and has always been a family-owned business. They run research and development at their production facilities and their headquarters in Vienna. They are reliable, as they want to help keep their customers informed with any queries or concerns that they may have – they’re experts in the trade.

EVVA was established in 1919, with the first lock in 1937. Ever since, they had modernisation measures in the 1970s, and have become one of Europe’s leading security companies. EVVA was set up as a family-owned business and has stayed true to its fundamental values and innovation throughout the years. In 1919, three engineers decided to bring together their inventive spirit, as they established a company trading as Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt, with the goal of bringing together ideas and inventions. EVVA now has over 200 national and international patents to this day.

In 1937, a time of global unrest, EVVA increased its efforts to make everyone safe, and thus developed its first patent for a cylinder padlock. Their success laid the foundations for the next decades of the company’s brilliance. In 1970, the family-owned company changes from an industrial company to a cutting-edge security enterprise as they invested in machinery and extension of in-house research. They continue to lead with innovation and inquisition, as 20 inventors and engineers permanently create new ideas and implement them as future-proof locking systems.

Modernisation continued after the 1970s, as Sven Berlage established a worldwide network, thus meaning EVVA became a European enterprise, with subsidiaries in countries across the world.

Now under the management of Stefan Ehrlich-Adám, EVVA is proving that family-owned business can have global impact and prestige. EVVA is a leading manufacturer of security and technology in Europe and has ten subsidiaries in ten countries. They use tried and tested innovations to excel their company into the future. We trust the long history of EVVA, as they’ve pioneered the lock and security industry for decades, so we know you’ll receive a quality product when you buy from them.

What Products Do They Manufacture?

Countless companies and businesses across the world will hail the ingenuity of EVVA systems, as they are considered a professional and established name. EVVA understands the typical locks and security requirements of organisations, therefore their locking systems are tailored to suit the rigorous needs of companies and households, as EVVA has two premium systems that map out even the most complex locking systems. They can help assist in master key locking planning, then provide the locks themselves, as their electric and mechanical lock range give you the options to choose what is best suited to your product.

Their products are designed for tradesmen, businesspeople and homeowners alike, as there’s something for everyone amongst their range of exquisite security systems. You are assured durability, compatibility and excellent design when it comes to EVVA, market leaders in security and locking systems.

Catalogue Range

  • Electronic Locking Systems
  • Mechanical Locking Systems
  • OEM
  • Supplementary Security Devices
  • Master Key Systems
  • Master Key System Software

Awards and Accreditations

EVVA has won a myriad of awards, as they are a reputable and trusted company, loved by industry experts and tradespeople alike. Accolades that they have to their name, include the Austria Gütezeichen, which means it has received a quality mark for the processing steps carried out in Austria that are mined and carried out in the country; they have a local seal of approval in their quality materials.

They won the Protector Award 2019 and the TRIGOS Award 2012. Their commitment to the environment is demonstrated by their Environment Award win in 2011, which shows their morality and ethics when it comes to manufacturing.

Their products fall under the ISO 9001 Certification from IQ Net, as they are a certified management system. They also won the COLUMBUS Award 2015 and got the bronze dialogue marketing award in ‘New Customer Acquisition’ category. They were the only in-house agency to prevail against top dialogue marketing agencies in the state, showcasing their excellent performance. They were awarded the Protector Award for the sixth time, for the best security products in the categories of video surveillance, access control, hazard alarms and smart home security. Their AirKey product achieved the gold in ‘Access Control’ category, a testament to the strength of this leading brand.

EVVA’s Trigos Award win in the ecology category showed their dedication to the environment, as they used a ‘clean approach’ entailing oil-free production and 100% recycling of the chips generated in the production process. You can see for yourself the expertise and excellence of EVVA, through their winnings of such brilliant titles.

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