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window trickle vents



Window trickle vents are small vents, usually made in UPVC.  Trickle vents go into your windows

to provide your room with ventilation, and reduce condensation too.

There are a variety of window trickle vents that you can source for your windows. Whether you have a trickle vent that has come loose or come away, or you want to fit trickle vents in windows that dont have them, we can help.

Our range of trickle vents come in a range of colours and sizes. Amongst our range the most popular are white trickle vents as most household windows in the UK have got white Upvc windows fitted to most rooms.

Window trickle vents are very useful particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. Where elements such as heat and water can cause condensation and require hot air to escape through ventilation.

In the UK, because it can be quite cold during the winter months, its better to have Upvc windows with Trickle vents fitted. This will mean you dont have to open the window.

Having trickle vents fitted on your windows is also more energy efficient. If you have the heating on this would help to contain and control heat in your home too without losing too much energy.

Take a look at our greenwood clip fit vent, a very popular choice amongst our customers.


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